Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thanks for the prayers

Thank you so much for the emails, visits and even the offer for meals!!! I have great friends! After excruciating pain for 10 days...lots and lots of pain medication, x-rays and an MRI....the pain began to subside on Saturday. I kept my appointment with the Dr. today and was told that indeed I have a rotator cuff tear, however it is NOT a full thickness tear and therefore will not require surgery. Thank you Jesus!!!!! On top of the tear the MRI showed that I have tendinitis and bursitis....I do not understand how that machine can show all of that! I really do feel so much better!!! You can pray if you think about it.... The DR....said that it is really odd all that is going on with my shoulder without a major injury.....so what does that mean...he isn't sure! I have many new shoulder exercises to do to try to strengthen the area and I praying that I will not have another episode however I will tell you that outside of the pain which was horrible and remember I have delivered an 11 pound baby vaginally!!!!! I enjoyed laying in my bed doing homeschool and the sweet way that my family took care of me!!!!

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