Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Olympics

Are you all watching the Olympics?? We are loving watching..however it seems like we were just watching them a few months ago!! Is time going faster??

One of the things that you hear over and over again is the amount of training that these kids invest into their sport. Are we surprised? It takes much time perfecting every detail. Do you think that most of the training is spent in repetition? I do!

We expect this with the athletes but we do not expect the same things in our own homes. We expect that when we tell our little ones to do something....they should get it the first time and never ever forget it. The Bible says TRAIN up a child....it takes much, much, much time and repetition! If we want children who are respectful, kind and giving we have to train...train...train. It IS hard and sometimes tiring work but oh the payoff is BIG!
Love those Babies! Michele

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