Saturday, October 23, 2010


We have a whole generation of adults who have been allowed to make excuses for their bad behavior. Those people who never take responsibility for their is always someone else's fault. I think it starts at home!! Bad behavior is excused by parents and kids grow up to become adults who make excuses for everything in their lives. I'm gonna bet that if you talk with your 80 year old grand will get a very different perspective! Below are some common excuses that I hear...

*Oh those terrible two' excuse fit pitching
*Boy's will be boy' excuse brothers fighting, or even pornography as they are older
*Oh she/he is going through excuse bad attitudes
*It's her time of the excuse EVERYTHING!!
* excuse stupidity...crazy how teenagers are just expected to make poor decisions because of their age!!

Look familiar??? My point is that we are raising children who's behavior has not been dealt with and even excused. They in turn are adults who make excuses for everything in their lives. I tell my kids...there are and will always be many things that are out of your control, but you can be in control of your response. A true test of character is how we RESPOND in difficult situations.

Don't make excuses for your own bad behavior and don't let your any age!

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