Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Do you remember your prom? I do......most of the kids stood around until a "slow song" played and then there was a mass entrance onto the dance floor. There were some who danced all night but most of us stood around. I did love to socialize so it was a good night for me. The best part was going back to my parents house with all my friends and my mom cooking a HUGE breakfast for all of us at 1AM.

I am so thankful for the group that my daughter is involved with. They meet once a month and dance together...they learn swing dances, barn and line dances and get this the waltz. No "slow dances" now that just makes a mamas heart very happy! I'm not sure how well these boys do....dark room, and a girl in a skin tight dress smashed up next to them??? Anyway.....the group my daughter dances with had their big spring formal this weekend. There were 125 of them...mostly home schoolers...they had a blast and after the dance my sister took her and her friends bowling and to Waffle House for a 2 AM treat. AHH to be young again. I took them last year but I had to be up early Sat morning. I love the group of friends that Lindsey has chosen!

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