Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I can't sleep!

I think I am going to go nuts! I have lived on very little sleep for almost 16 years now....that would be about half way through my first pregnancy until the present. I occasionally get 8 hours but usually 5 - 6 is about it. This past year starting a business...oh I mean ministry!! :) The ministry is awesome but there is so much work on the business end of things to be done....constantly.... and I am on overload. Between schooling my babies..normal house stuff...personal bills and now the ministry stuff...my brain is full ALL the time. I have averaged 5 hours sleep this year. I require more, I want more but I can't seem to get it all done.

Well now I have a bigger issue that started about 4 weeks ago...I can't sleep!!! I have never had trouble going to sleep once I finally get there but now all of the sudden I can't fall asleep. When my head hits the pillow, as tired as I may be...my brain turns on and I begin to think about all that I didn't get done...all my hopes and aspirations....new curriculum for home school....what is for dinner the next day...what my future grandchildren might look like....you name it...I think about it!!!! It's not just a matter of keeping a pad by the bed and writing stuff down...I literally can't shut my thinking off. And what is worse....after I fall asleep I do not stay asleep...maybe 2 hours if it is a good night and then I am awake tossing and turning. I am averaging about 3 hours a night!!!

I have cut out all caffeine but my morning coffee. I have taken Tylenol PM. I have tried warm baths and hot tea. Soothing music. Lots and lots of praying. NOTHING!!! I took a prescription sleeping pill from an unnamed source :) for a few nights just so I wouldn't completely fall apart. I do not want to start that if I can help it. I am 42 but I went through early menopause...is this what life is like when you are post menopausal???

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Tammy said...

Try Melatonin. It is completely natural and not addictive. You can take three of those and they simply help you get into a deep sleep but not groggy when you wake up. It's worth a try. Another thing Tony uses when he is on the bus during a tour is Lunista and it is prescirption, but not addictive and harmful. Just a thought....
May God give you rest!

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