Friday, March 20, 2009

Thumb Sucking

Lindsey had a passie......easy to take away with a bribe to trade it in for a toy at Walmart. Marshall handed me his passie's when he was 20 months and proclaimed that he was a big boy. Emily....somewhat harder.....she reluctantly traded them in for a toy and then cried for several nights wanting to take the toy back! But this soon passed. Benjamin....never took a passie...AAHHH so easy!

Then came Luke....Oh the baby????!!!!! No passie.....he found his thumb on day 2 and we all thought it was the cutest thing we had ever seen....and we continued to think that for some time. Oh but the habit!!! He is 6 now! We first tried the Thumb didn't do anything...then we moved to the more serious is also a paint on solution....this stuff is aweful and it stays around for days........ after many hand washings! I even tried to put red pepper in the solution....I know it sounds awful...but it didn't work!

He only sucks his thumb at night....during the it is not intentional...just habitual. I have tried putting a glove on him but he gets it off in his sleep? I really don't care all that much except his teeth are paying the price!

Any suggestions??


mamaski said...

I thought you might want to try one more thing. It is called Thumbuddy to Love and you can get it on
It is a story book and thumb puppet for children that teaches them to stop thumb sucking. It worked for my son. It could work for yours...besides those thumb polishes have chemicals in them...

Tammy said...

don't worry about it now... Just go see Dr. Spillane in a few years & let him put the small appliance in his mouth that forbids the sucking! Word like a charm! For now, I wouldn't worry. Braces sound inevitable anyway! ; )

Lisa said...

I had 2 thumb suckers, and am down to one, but maybe back to 2. Anna (now 7) quit less than a year ago. But now she has lost both front teeth. So, she is back to occasionally sucking her thumb, usually when she begins to get sleepy. She stops if I ask her to. She also rubs her ear. I wrapped bandaids around her thumb. I let her pick them out. Yes, she would pull them off occasionally, but she really did want to stop, so she eventually gave up.
Don't pressure him. He should eventually give it up on his own. But good sticky bandaids might help.
Erika is only 5 and sucks her thumb when sleepy or sleeping. I'll probably use them on her, too.

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