Friday, March 6, 2009

Fruit on the tree

Do you react to the behavior of your kids? I sure do ...but I know better....and yet I find myself still struggling with my reaction! The behavior that we see in our children is just the "fruit on the tree" that indicates a heart problem. So many times we as parents "fix" the bad behavior but we never get to the heart of the matter. It takes a lot more time and effort to work on a heart matter so we just react to the behavior. I do know that changing behavior will not bring the long term results that I so desperately want for my children. My children will conform because they do not want to be in trouble but they will not understand that when they disobey or have a rotten breaks their fellowship with the Lord and that He wants an intimate walk with them. Do you struggle with "Fruit on the Tree"?

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Amy said...

Michele I have been reading your blog for some months now and this post struck my heart to the core. This is what I long for my children. I want to guide their hearts and not just correct their behavior. It the hardest thing. There are so many times I wish God would have specifically wrote a book on how to do this for each scenario. Principles are great but in the moment they often are so hard to make tangeible for that particular instance. I just have to constantly pray that in spite of me God will make my children holy and that He will make them love Him. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for the encouragement.

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