Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Boys are really from another planet! They do the most amazing things! I remember reading in James Dobson's book..."Bringing up Boys" that if you ask a boy why he did whatever it is he did his answer will be, "I don't know" Boys react and then think later ....if they think at all. I love my boys very much...they make me laugh so much.....they make me crazy....and I am sure I will not ever fully understand them! I do know this....the same part of them that makes them do the most ridiculous things and not think about the same part of them that is willing to go to war and defend our country! For that I am grateful!

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Susy said...

LOL Love the photo! he he

After raising my son...I now know boy are from there own planet and then they become men.......Ug and I think there still strange as men... :) Remember in grade school we used to say boy's were made of puppy dog tails and snakes? I believe it! :)

Have a great day Michele!

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