Sunday, January 25, 2009


Oh my goodness.....tonight was wonderful. Travis Cottrell was amazing. He recorded his live DVD at our church tonight! His band was wonderful! His singers were wonderful! His approach to worship was wonderful. What a talented...talented man! I hope he was pleased with the attitude of worship at our church! I took my camera in to take pictures....the one of Travis is awful but I am putting it anyway and the one of Beth Moore was pretty good. I have to tell you...I love to take pictures of my family and friends but I would never take pictures of Beth Moore and Travis Cottrell if it were not to put on my blog. It always seems so cheezy when people are taking pictures of well known people. WHY? I don't know I am just goofy like that!

Anyway it was my first time to hear Beth and I thoroughly enjoyed her. Have a great day!

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