Monday, January 12, 2009

Life is just embarassing sometimes!

I had the awesome privilege of speaking to a wonderful group of women in Douglasville this past Friday night. I love to encourage women to be passionate about the things that God created them for! The ladies were wonderful...the entire night was planned out so nicely......and as someone who speaks at womens events.....sometimes it is crazy unorganized! :) Not this one! I took Lindsey my 15 year old daughter with me. We had a blast. She is so fun....she makes parenting a joy! After the night was over she was my biggest cheerleader. What an encouragement she was!

Now for the embarrassing part????!!!! I took our video camera just to get a few clips for a video that our church is putting together for our ministry. On Saturday morning I picked it up to download it on the computer and I of course saw myself........AAAAAHHHHHH I called Lindsey...."Please tell me that this is a mistake on the camera...because I am pretty sure that my pants look really short!" You know.......when it looks like your grandma went to the bathroom and pulled her pants up way too high!!! Not a little short...way short!!! How could I do that?? Lindsey told me that they were indeed to short and she(my total fashion girl!) didn't want to hurt my feelings and she didn't know if I could afford new pants so she thought it might make me sad! OK that is very sweet!!! BUT I do have other clothes! I wear those pants all the time but not with the shoes...I told her that I guess that was the problem and she said no that just made it worse but basically they were always a little short. We then had a nice conversation about how she can help me without hurting my feelings or making me sad that I don't have money to buy new pants!!!:)

I will try to post a picture of it soon so you can join in the laughter! Thank goodness the night wasn't about me but about Him and I did my dead level best to honor and glorify Him!

Love those babies!

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