Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back in the Swing of things

I am always glad to move on to the next thing....when summer is over I am ready to start school...when Christmas comes I am so ready to enjoy Christmas and all it's activities....when it is over I am ready to dive back into school again...just a cycle. It has been a good start back but it is so hard to get back into the routine of early mornings...I am such a night owl and I love the lazy holiday times when we can be up half the night and sleep until 10:00 and yes my children will do this as well. They have been well trained in the sleep department!

You can pray for me if you think about it...I have 5 children and 3 of them are dyslexic! I knew very little about dyslexia when we started the homeschool journey 11 years ago. But I quickly had to learn because it was so odd that Lindsey was so amazingly bright and verbal and just could not pick up the reading part. There are many different aspects and degrees to dyslexia and thankfully we were able to get the first two the help they needed, they were also both "milder" cases......but one of our children has such severe problems with it....it is very frustrating for her and for me. She is so bright...she is on or above grade level in everything she does but she can't read. She is approximately 5 grade levels behind:( ......I have to read everything to her....this is very time consuming! We have the amazing blessing of having a very gifted specialist donate her time once a week for an hour to work with her and help me know how to teach her and that is going well. The specialist confirmed my suspicions that this was a severe case and that it was going to be a long process.

It is another time that makes me aware of Gods sovereignty when He called us to home educate all those years ago. She would be in every "special"class imaginable if she was in public school and I am sure she would not be the same happy, sweet determined student that she is today. I am glad to help her but it is very demanding of my time...I have a 1st grader who almost totally needs me....a 3rd grader who is becoming more and more of an independent learner and 7th and 10th graders who do a great job but still need guidance and some help. I am asking the Lord to provide some help. I do not know how that will come....strength for me?...someone to help?...healing for dyslexia???...I do know this...He cares about her more than I do and He knows what both of us need more than I do!!!

Love those babies!


Anonymous said...

Wow that's wild. I have been praying for my brother for a while for his healing for his dyslexia as well. I will pray for you and your kids as well. Yup, totally.

Smelling Coffee said...

I will be praying for you about this. I pray that teh Lord gives you great insight as you teach your precious children! You're doing a great job!

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