Monday, December 15, 2008

Why is our first thought NO!

I am getting better the longer I am a mother...but I still fight it.....that urge for the first response to be.... NO. I am thinking...that is too messy...that is too much is too is too cold. I really try to stop and ask this really a big deal. I always tell my kids that they are in charge of clean up and they almost always agree that clean up is still worth whatever it is they want to do??? Kids?? We had a really big rain and this is the giant puddle that was created at our church across the street. The kids had a great time until the security guys stopped all the poopers....although you know they secretly wished their mothers had let them play in such a great puddle!


Heather said...

Hi Michele! You spoke @ our Newnan MOPS group last year & I learned so much from you.
I have a blog where I post tips, recipes, thoughts, and always have a giveaway going on!
I am writing about your book tomorrow & linking to your site, if that's ok!
Here is a link to my site & it should be up tomorrow. :)

In Him,

Anonymous said...

Great reminder. Let em' play!

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