Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Saving Dogs

I was watching the news tonight while I was clipping coupons....exciting huh???? I live in Georgia and there was a story about a man who beat his dog almost to death and a neighbor found the animal and took it to the vet. There was apparently a huge outpouring of support money wise to help pay the bills. The very pitiful dog was leaving today to go home with it's new owner...cameras catching the whole thing. Then a story about the owner who is now in jail for beating the dog.

OK...I love my dog and I feel for the animal...they should not be beaten. But what in the world is wrong with our society that lets babies be murdered in their mothers wombs and even born and left for dead as seen here, and we are silent but for a dog there are cameras and an outpouring of sympathy. Come on Christians we need to make some noise and stand up for these injustices!

Love those Babies!

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