Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Treasure

Oh...I am so sorry...I believe that I said I would post the very next day :( Our very sweet pastor and his wife asked Eric and I to come to the pastors conference that Johnny heads up. We did go and we had a blast!

Last week when I was cleaning out my boys room I ran across a picture that Benjamin made....he is 8. He took the bottom of a banana box and painted it black for his frame and then he painted a picture and taped the paper in from the back. I loved it! I asked him if I could have it and hang it in my room. He was thrilled! Kids love for you to display their stuff. I have framed pictures of my kids work all over my house. There is nothing that I could buy that would be more precious to me! I will try to take more pictures to share with you. Love those Babies!

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Carolina Mama said...

This is a great idea! My Tigers are 7 1/2 now so they would probably love this idea.

I hopped over from Jennifer's ;) and I have a Giveaway going on if you want to enter. ;)

God Bless!

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