Saturday, June 6, 2009


Ok...If you have young children...get ready! I am loving the middle school and high school years thus far with my 3 oldest. Yes you read that correctly...I love it! We will see if what I have observed from others is correct or not but my observances tell me that if you do your work when they are young...your job will be easier when they are older. Thus far that has been true. But let me just give you a hint....they are the most talkative at night....LATE at night! If you want those moments to really hear their heart and pour Jesus back into them.....SPEEP IN!!!!! That way you will be ready for the night! :) By the way if my own bed looked like the picture above...I would never get up! Love those babies!

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Smelling Coffee said...

What an encouragement, Michelle. Love to you... Jennifer
PS: I wouldn't get out of that bed either!

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